Scuba Diving Accessories

Safety Diving Buoys and Diving Accesories

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or something out of stock? Rest assured it’s on the way. We’re working on making our full range of products available. As we expand our offering, we would love if you could tell us what you’re looking for.  A number of our products are also undergoing compliance tests in Australia.  More details are available here.

Once you’ve picked out all your diving essentials, complete your collection of diving gear with some of our diving equipment accessories. Here you’ll find useful and fun extras you can use on your next dive. The type of diving equipment you will need depends on the kind of diving you’re doing. Check out each product and you will see each is focused on snorkelling, scuba or spear fishing diving, so ensure you get the right kit for your dive with Decathlon.


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