Carabiners, Quickdraws, Belay Devices

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or something out of stock? Rest assured it’s on the way. We’re working on making our full range of products available. As we expand our offering, we would love if you could tell us what you’re looking for.  A number of our products are also undergoing compliance tests in Australia.  More details are available here.

A vital accessory in climbing, but also used in sailing and caving, a carabiner is a D or oval shaped loop with a spring loaded bar to keep it closed. It's most often used to easily thread ropes onto safety equipment, or to connect ropes together with the option to quickly release them. It's an essential multi-use climbing accessory.  Similarly, Decathlon's quickdraw, or extender, range is also popular with climbers. A quickdraw is two climbing carabiners combined together by a strong piece of material, commonly known as a 'dogbone'. Quickdraws often make it easier to set up a network of ropes running through bolt anchors. Check through our range for the best carabiner or quickdraw for you.  Also check out our pulleys and blockers range for more rope control options.

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