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Trousers are a well-fitted pair of pants worn by men as a comfortable alternative to jeans. They evolved as a basic style of dress for men varying from narrow cuts to the extremely wide oxford bags of 1924. While young hipsters and fashion designers prefer low-rise baggy trousers riding around the hips, the classic way to wear trousers is around your waist. They usually are widest at the waist and tapering all the way till the ankle without any loose ends or fabric. You can find trousers for men online, available in various styles like sports, casuals, formals, and even for extreme sports like hiking and trekking. While the right pair of trousers can make a fashion statement, picking the wrong ones could instantly dull the shine of your whole attire. On the Decathlon platform, you can explore a range of trousers for men incorporated with different features suiting your individual needs!

Best Trousers for Men Online

At Decathlon Malaysia, you can find many types of trousers you want in all sizes, colors, and forms. The trousers for men are also well classified by fit, fabric, and other features like durability and flexibility. On our platform, you would find trousers for every occasion, including mountain trekking, snow hiking, golf trousers and many more. What makes the trousers for men online at Decathlon special is their unique design and curation for different occasions. For instance, our Mountain Trekking Trousers have been designed by a team of mountain trekkers and can be quickly turned into shorts to adapt to the weather during trekking. The pair also has an unbelievable carrying capacity with 6 pockets. Decathlon delivers trousers for men with several features like durability, freedom of movement, quick-drying and flexibility. An additional feature that the trousers contain is that they are designed and created in ways that will only leave a positive impact on the environment. Using Eco-design products has paved a way for Decathlon towards creating sustainable fashion.

Snow Hiking Pants: 

These trousers are created for occasional hikes in very cold weather. This is made up of fleece inner fabric and water repellent outer fabric for greater comfort. This trouser is meant to keep you warm and protect you while hiking. They are easy to use and allow you to move freely.

Mountain Trekking Trousers: 

These trousers are 2-in-1. They have a zip at the knee part which can be opened and made into shorts. This helps you adapt to the weather around you. They are lightweight and dry quickly. They have great durability and allow you to move freely.

Hiking Pants: 

These are designed for your 2-hour hikes on flatlands, forests, or on the coast during hot weather. These lightweight pants are very pleasant to wear when the temperature rises. The pockets can be closed with zips to keep your belongings safe.

Trouser Pants: 

These are designed for wildlife explorations in dry weather. These durable trousers have solid seams, elastic waistbands, 5 pockets and are lightweight.

Rain Hiking Trousers:

These eco-friendly trousers are waterproof for your hikes on lowlands or along the coastline. These over-trousers provide full protection in case of rain and come with a waterproof jacket. These breathable trousers are lightweight.

Camo Trousers: 

These are designed for wildlife explorations in warm weather. They are made up of lightweight fabric which provides great heat management. This also gives freedom of movement through pre-formed knee spaces. These are lightweight and break-resistant.

Golf Trousers: 

These are developed for mild-weather golfing at apparent temperatures. They provide great comfort. These are stretchable and allow freedom of movement.

Mountaineering Trousers:

These trousers can be used for glacier hiking, cold-weather mountaineering, and ski touring. These are warm and durable trousers which provide freedom of movement. These are adjustable and have detachable braces and provide ventilation with zip reinforcement with lower leg detachable built-in gaiters. These are water repellent and windproof.

Waterproof Mountain walking over-trousers: 

These waterproof trousers are built for hiking in the mountains and providing you with perfect storm protection. These are lightweight with compact designs and fit anywhere when not needed. They have an anatomic design which makes them breathable and is easy to use.