Best Flip Flops for Men

Whether you are out for a walk or on an adventure water sports outing with your friends, Decathlon takes care of all your needs right from sports equipment and protective gears to sports attire and footwear. It also ensures that you get the best quality and value for money for your product. Flip-flops are the iconic surfer footwear. As well as being the symbol of a sunny surfing lifestyle, they are also the perfect footwear for comfort before and after sessions: simple, practical, easy-to-care and above all easy to put on and take off, even with wet feet, without having to use your hands when they are already occupied with your equipment! Our flip flops have flat soles and plastic straps that enable quick drying (approx.. 10 minutes) as they are used before and after water sports. Known for their robustness, these flip flops are available online in different colours.  These flipflops are designed for regular use or for surfers walking long distances. Hence, making them lightweight, affordable, able to provide a great grip even on wet floors, and have perforated soles for quick draining of water.

Best Slippers for Men Online

If you are looking for a range of flip flops and slippers for men, Decathlon has one of the best flip flops for men online, which guarantees satisfaction in terms of quality and comfort. They are not only affordable and lightweight but also provide great utility value to the wearer. This comfort footwear is designed by OLAIAN, where the designers are inspired by the needs and requirements of surfers so that they can suit the vast majority. The products are designed by their in-house surfer teams in Hendaye (France). The Olaian global design centre is located on the banks of the River Bidassoa in Hendaye. This allows us to design products in contact with users and in the marine environment. All the sliders, sandals, slippers, and flip flops are made for regular use, to walk long distances around water-sports/surfing areas, and possess anti-slip, quick-dry properties evading any kind of discomfort for the user. Additionally, all the products are tested by the team, in collaboration with external testers, in real-life conditions, and come with 2 years warranty for the buyers.

Buy Sandals Online

Sandals are shoes consisting of a sole strapped on the foot that holds it securely in place. They are primarily open-toed and low-cut fastened by one or two ankle-strap on the front and maybe one at the back. Sandals are mostly known as monsoon shoes, but these are ideal for spring and summer as well. They are your style-basics. There are sandals for every occasion and every need, with breathable designs and a varied range of hues and styles. These well-crafted footwear types offer the ultimate comfort one could hope for. Even daily, they are definitely your go-to shoes. From hiking to grocery shopping to getting wet in the rain, these are your perfect partner for every activity. They ensure good heel cushioning and also support your entire foot throughout the day. These also help in maintaining your feet temperature with enough airflow to prevent bacteria from building up, both inside the shoe and on your feet. Sandals are durable enough to last you longer than many footwears. Sandals are incredibly lightweight, and their strappy, classy form instantly amps up all your outfits. Most of them are made using leather for an elegant look and feel. Others like flip-flops, crocs, floaters, slippers, and many more come in various designs with buckles, zippers, or belts to match your every look and occasion. They add a charm to every kind of outfit. Thanks to Decathlon, now you can buy sandals online from the comfort of your home with only a few clicks.

Buy Men’s Sandals Online

However, not many believe that sandals can be a fashion element, but this is where Decathlon proves them wrong. Flip-flops to leather sandals, contemporary forms with an open toe to sleek or chunky ones, their varied designs give you a number of styles to choose from - they look good with basically any kind of outfit. Versatility is their USP. Experience the best foot care with the Decathlon sandals for men. We at Decathlon know it, and this is why we bring you easy-to-wear, comfortable, and uber-cool sandals so that your feet feel relaxed and happy always. Discover a wide range of sandals for men online or at your nearest Decathlon stores.

Best Sandals for Men- Casual Sandals

For daily needs, casual sandals should be your choice. It lets you break the monotony of wearing a sneaker or formals shoes every day, everywhere. Their open structure allows your feet to breathe in the fresh air and also keeps you comfortable all day long. They are also effortless to wear, just slip on and go- no fussing over laces. You can wear them for a stroll around the city, on Casual Fridays in the office, or even to your dates and hangouts. Sandals, especially those with flat soles, pair well with your regular casuals while also matching your special outfits. Moreover, summer and spring fashion is incomplete without a pair of sandals. With so many choices of sandals for men on the Decathlon website, you will surely be eager to buy at least a pair, if not more.

Best Sandals for Men - Pool Sandals

Make your pool time more fun, comfortable, and relaxed with sandals for men. They offer excellent traction and grip on slippery or watery surfaces, making sure you party hard and do not lose your footing. Most of the pool sandals come in a slip-on construction that offers stylish comfort. They do not close around your feet when wet, preventing a damp smell and ensures proper air circulation. They are also perfect for monsoons as well without getting damaged easily. Make a style statement at your next pool party or beach day-out with our wide range of Decathlon sandals for men.

Best Sandals for Men - Hiking Sandals

Hiking up the mountain trails in the rain is the best experience ever. But for that you need shoes you can trust. Your expensive shoes maybe not be affordable for the job. The hiking sandals give you ample opportunities to overcome every challenging trail without losing grip while also offering much-needed breathability. However, the hiking sandals for men are not only performance-driven but also act as outstanding style elements. Pair it with your favorite athleisure, and you will look nothing short of an explorer. Give your feet the luxe care while traversing unbeaten trails or rocky terrain with the Decathlon sandals for men. Made by Decathlon professionals who are serious about their craft, sandals are designed to give you the best comfort and style every day. We offer sandals for a variety of price range at excellent quality to suit your every need. Our sandals come in different colour options and model types as well. Buy sandals online from the Decathlon website and be spoilt for choices!