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  1. Price MYR39.00

    500 Bike Chain Tool

  2. Price MYR39.00

    920 Bike Multitool

  3. Price MYR69.00

    900 Bike Multitool

  4. Price MYR29.00

    Bike Freewheel Remover

  5. Price MYR19.00

    Bike Tool Box 750 ml

  6. Price MYR15.00

    100 Bike Multitool

  7. Price MYR15.00

    Chain Wear Indicator

  8. Price MYR259.00
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    500 Bike Tool Box

Bicycle Tools

There will be days where your mountain bike, city bike or racing bike sometimes has a broken lamp or faltering brakes. Would you like to solve this yourself? Then you need good bicycle tools. You can buy these bicycle tools at Decathlon Malaysia online or in the store.

Bicycle Tools For The Correct maintenance of Your Bicycle

If you want to maintain your bike regularly, it is important to use the right tools. Your bike will last longer if you check it regularly. Proper maintenance is therefore of great importance to ensure that your bicycle lasts for a long time. Chain and derailleur lubricant, aerosol lubricant, hex keys, multi-tools, an all-in-one spray. B'Twin offers numerous accessories to keep your bike in good condition.

To complete the full cycling experience, we also offer cycling storage accessories and lubricants at great prices with excellent quality. Do check them out as well.