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Bicycle Pump

Looking for the right bicycle pump? Maintenance is necessary to keep cycling pleasantly. For example, it is wise to keep the bicycle tires properly tensioned. With a bicycle pump from Decathlon Malaysia, this will be a piece of cake. You would also like to take a bicycle pump with you on the road, in case something goes wrong. You can buy the right bicycle pump online at Decathlon Malaysia. In addition to bicycle pumps, we also have accessories for bicycle pumps at Decathlon Malaysia. If your inner tube can no longer be saved, take a look at our inner tubes .

Type of Pumps

If there is one accessory that you must have with you somehow on your bike ride, it is a bicycle pump (along with tire levers and an inner tube). Bicycle pumps are available in two types: hand pumps and foot pumps. Hand pumps can easily be stored in the back pocket of your jersey or attached to the frame of your bicycle. Everyone has had a flat or flat tire on their bike at one point or another. An empty tire can be very annoying, because cycling is a lot harder. A bicycle pump will help you get back on track quickly if your tire is empty. If your tire is flat, you will first have to replace it before you inflate it again with a bicycle pump. Using a bicycle pump, pump new air into your tire until you reach the correct pressure. This differs per type of tire how much pressure needs to be put in. You pump up a racing bike to more bar than a normal city bike. With a bicycle pump, you must correctly connect the bicycle pump to the valve. You have to take into account that there are three different types of valves. You have the normal Dutch valve, also called Dunlop valve. You have the Presta valve or French valve and you have the Schräder valve, also known under the name car valve. Ideally you have a bicycle pump that has the right attachment for all three types of valves. This way you can inflate any tire you want, without using different types of bicycle pumps. In addition to a normal bicycle pump, nowadays you also have electric bicycle pumps, these are easy to use and you do not have to make any effort to inflate the tire to the correct level.

Buying a Bicycle Pump at Decathlon Malaysia

You can buy the right bicycle pump for your bicycle at Decathlon Malaysia. At Decathlon Malaysia you will find different types of bicycle pumps depending where you are going to use them and what you are going to use them for. If you only use the bicycle pump at home, we recommend a standard foot pump for the bicycle. These are easy to use, are more robust and are more precise than other types of bicycle pumps. The foot pump are larger bicycle pumps than the ones you can take with you on the bike. If you want to buy a bicycle pump for when you are on the road, then you are looking for a compact bicycle pump. A hand pump for the bicycle is then what you are looking for. A hand pump is easy to carry and compact. You can attach them to your bike or take them with you in your pocket.

To complete the full cycling experience, we also offer bicycle toolsstorage accessories, and lubricants at great prices with excellent quality. Do check them out as well.