Bicycle Tires

A good bicycle tire is essential for the quality of your bicycle. For example, a sturdy tire reduces the risk of a flat tire and a good profile ensures that you cycle more easily. Do you like to cycle on asphalt? Then choose a tire with little profile. You can buy the right bicycle tire online at Decathlon Malaysia.

Different Bicycle Tires at Decathlon Malaysia

What are the main features of road bike tires? Grip, durability, lightweight ... It is not always easy to find a good road bike tire because it can influence the choice of your performance. If you want to cycle faster, we recommend a thin tire. Thin tires will give you precious seconds. If you are not yet a specialist, you can take slightly wider tires. These tires are more comfortable because they allow better control. The pressure is particularly important for this type of bicycle tire. Therefore, do not forget to check the quality of the inner tubes before you buy them. If you can't find the ideal tire, then you need to find the best balance between lightweight, puncture resistance and design.

Choosing Mountain Bike Tires

Which mountain bike tires to choose depends on how you want to use your bike and the nature of the mountain bike tracks you ride on. For recreational mountain biking, choose relatively thin tires with less tread because they work just as well on harder tracks as they do on unpaved trails. For more intensive use, it is better to take a wider model that provides good grip on all types of surfaces. If you want to do more freeriding, endure or downhill riding or ride on very rough terrain, it is best to choose tires with a deeper cut profile to avoid skidding in corners.

The Right Tires For City Bikes

Choosing the right bicycle tires is very important if you want to move around as comfortably and safely as possible, regardless of whether you are driving in the city or in the countryside. When cycling in the city, opt for slicks that look almost completely smooth. Contrary to what you might think, being slippery means that this tire has a lot of grip on asphalt and other hard surfaces (slippery tires make more contact and thus give more grip on the asphalt). They need to be properly inflated to extend life and reach maximum speeds.

Children's Bicycle Tires

The bicycle tires of children's bicycles must be sturdy! Tires for children's bicycles are generally versatile and are designed to ride on trails, through forests and over small stones without puncturing. It is very important that children can have fun without having to worry about flat tires!

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