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Bicycle Brakes

Is your bicycle brake broken? Or is the brake worn out and in need of replacement? Decathlon Malaysia provides a brake that fits your bike. You will always find what you are looking for in the large assortment. Buy new bicycle brakes at Decathlon Malaysia, get back on the road safely!

Bicycle Brakes Are Vital For Safety While Cycling

When we talk about safety on the bike, we quickly think of braking. To be prepared for any situation, make sure you always have at least one spare cable and a few brake pads with you. It doesn't matter if you ride a city bike, road bike, mountain bike or BMX, you should always be vigilant if you feel like your braking distance is getting longer. In the event of an emergency stop, a single meter can make all the difference. From cable tips to brake cables and blocks, you can obtain all necessary parts separately so that you do not have to renew your entire braking system. When in doubt, we recommend replacing the part.

To complete the full cycling experience, we also offer bicycle toolsstorage accessories, and lubricants at great prices with excellent quality. Do check them out as well.