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Sleeping Bags

Our range of sleeping bags offers a choice for every type of camper. Whether you are camping with the whole family or alone, at Decathlon Malaysia you will find sleeping equipment for every type of camping holiday. Choose a sleeping bag that suits your type of camping holiday and ensure yourself a good night's sleep in the tent.

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag

Do you already know which sleeping bag to choose? For example, do you opt for down or synthetic filling? Each of these substances has its own advantages and disadvantages. Down is super light and insulates very well, but if it gets wet, it's not much use anymore. In addition, down can be packed super small. Sleeping bags with this filling are often more expensive than other sleeping bags. Synthetic filling, for example, is much cheaper and can handle wetness better. Synthetics, on the other hand, cannot be stored so compactly and it is heavier than down. 

While you're shopping for our camping sleeping bags & pillows, don't forget we also offer other camping products such as camping kitchen equipmentlighting equipment, & camping furniture. So do check them out as well.