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Pilates Dumbbells 

Decathlon dumbbells are specifically designed to accompany the practice of the gym and fitness. They allow you to effectively intensify all your usual exercises by increasing the level of difficulty. The goal: to optimize the results of your efforts so that you can achieve your goals, at your own pace and whatever your needs.

Unlike bodybuilding, Pilates is practiced with rather light, if not very light, dumbbells. The weight of our dumbbells can therefore vary from just 200 grams to 5 kilos. Our gym accessories thus adapt to your level, whether you are a beginner or an expert, while supporting your progress over the sessions.

At Decathlon, we help you choose. Classic Pilates dumbbells are designed to be taken with both hands thanks to their ergonomic shape. They allow you to tone the upper part of your body: depending on the movements you perform, you more precisely muscle your biceps, your pecs, your back muscles or your shoulders. But Decathlon also offers you innovative and original Pilates dumbbells. Multi-position, the hook-and-loop weights attach to both wrists and ankles, leaving your hands free. They allow you to vary your Pilates exercises in order to strengthen your entire body, and in particular your lower limbs. As for the weighted discs, you can place them wherever you want, for example on your stomach to strengthen the work of the abdominals. Thanks to their flexibility, the weighted discs perfectly conform to the shape of your body. Whether classic, original or multi-position, the Pilates dumbbells from the Decathlon range are suitable for all exercises. Their variable weight allows you to choose the model that best suits your level.

Pilates Medicine Balls

The medicine ball is a useful and versatile accessory that can be held with two hands. Interesting alternative to the use of the dumbbell, this weighted ball is available in different weights according to the needs. It allows you to perform muscle building exercises wherever you are. Discover the Decathlon medicine ball models now.

The medicine ball is an accessory that will serve you in many situations. Particularly versatile, it helps build the abs and the whole body. In the practice of the gym and pilates, it offers a wide range of possibilities of exercises and movements. This ball can also be used as part of rehabilitation sessions to stress the abdominal strap. In the world of sport, it is widely used, regardless of the level of training and intensity of the session. The weight can range from 1 kg to 10 kg and some models have handles, for ease of maintenance, very practical if your session lasts a long time for example.

The medicine ball allows you both to tone your muscles but also to gently get back to sport while rebalancing your figure. The use of this ball is also very useful for firming the different parts of your body like the glutes, arms and stomach. Thanks to targeted pilates and gym exercises, you get fast results that meet your expectations. Your body regains pretty shapes while getting used to the toning movements again. The Decathlon medicine ball is an essential accessory for strengthening your muscles or as part of rehabilitation. In the practice of pilates, the use of this ball is recommended since it allows to balance the silhouette.

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