Our Pilates Clothing

Are you looking for new pilates clothing? Decathlon Malaysia has a wide choice of pilates leggings, pilates shirts, pilates socks and more for both men and women of all skill levels.

The Design of Our Pilates and Gentle Gym Clothes

Our Gym and Pilates collection is designed for those who regularly perform moderate-intensity gymnastic and Pilates exercises (soft gym, stretching, figure training, strength training). They are ideal for maintaining your fitness, figure and health. The Domyos design teams strive for the perfect balance of comfort, warmth and stretch. Our models are tested by sport users and we regularly make improvements based on comments from our customers.

While you're shopping for our pilates apparel, don't forget we also offer other pilates products such as dumbbells & medicine balls, resistance bands, and other pilates accessories. So do check them out as well.