The Types of Boxing Protective Gear

Boxing is a form of martial arts, and the right protection is no superfluous luxury. At Decathlon we have an extensive range of boxing protection. One of the most popular forms of protection is wearing a mouth guard, or boxing mouth. These protect your teeth while sparring or during a boxing match. In addition, boxing helmets are mandatory for competitions and groin guards are recommended for both men and women. There are also elbow pads, which are specially made to protect your own elbows and those of the opponent. 

In addition to our extensive range, we can also help you with our service. All our employees have a passion for sports and can therefore be seen as sports experts. We also have a number of sports experts for boxing and kickboxing, both online and in our stores. For all your questions about boxing protection, you can contact our sellers. In terms of service, we also have very flexible delivery and return methods. In addition, all orders can be returned free of charge within 365 days.

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