Fitness Clothing

For fitness clothing you have come to the right place at Decathlon Malaysia. We have clothing for various fitness activities, such as cardio training, cross training and strength training. Do you want to complete your outfit? Take a look at our fitness shoes and fitness accessories . Do you like to exercise at home? Then view our range of fitness equipment .

Men's Fitness Clothing

At Decathlon Malaysia we sell different models of fitness clothing for men. Have you just started fitness and do you want a T-shirt that breathes well? We have a wide range of fitness shirts, leggings, vests, pants and shorts for both beginners and advanced users. Do you want to sweat harder? Then view our tube band. This belly band ensures that you perspire harder on the stomach and hip zones. Furthermore, we not only sell fitness clothing for men, but also cross training and bodybuilding clothing for men.

Women's Fitness Clothing

Do you want to look nice in the gym? We sell stylish and comfortable fitness clothing for ladies. We have many comfortable leggings that match well with a sports bra or fitness shirt. We also have great fitness shorts for the summer and fitness vests for the winter. Do you think fitness leggings are not so nice to exercise? Then take a look at our fitness pants.

Fitness Pants

It is sometimes difficult to find nice and well-fitting fitness pants. At Decathlon Malaysia we have fitness pants for both novice and experienced athletes. We strive to offer fitness pants for every type of body so that everyone can exercise comfortably and in style. We have long fitness leggings as well as 7/8 len 3/4 leggings.

Comfortable Fitness Clothing

So are you looking for fitness leggings, fitness shorts or a fitness shirt? If so, then you've come to the right place at Decathlon Malaysia. Our fitness clothing range is designed by our own fitness brand Domyos. Making sport accessible to everyone, that is our mission. At Decathlon Malaysia you can therefore go for a wide range of fitness clothing of good quality and for a low price. 

Features of Domyos Fitness Clothing

Domyos clothing offers ample freedom of movement and is made of soft materials with a high cotton content. The elastane ensures that the fabric stretches so that you can easily do your exercises. The fabric dries quickly and has good moisture wicking. Domyos is one of Decahtlon's fitness brand and tries to make fitness sport accessible to everyone with various collections. All clothing is specially designed to make everyone work out as comfortably as possible. Not only adults can enjoy an extensive range, the Domyos children's line also has a lot to offer. The technical clothing supports all your fitness goals and ensures optimal comfort.

To complete the full cardio fitness experience, we also offer fitness workout shoes and equipment at great prices with excellent quality. Do check them out as well.