Why Do You Need Yoga Accessories

Anyone who practices a certain form of yoga benefits from using yoga accessories. A yoga block helps to progress in the poses. Also can replace the pillow or zafu during meditation or diamond pose to relieve ankles. Yoga studios often offer mats, but since yoga is practiced barefoot, it is more hygienic to bring a yoga towel if you cannot bring your own. The belt helps you to continue in your poses or to keep the legs together in, for example, the pincer position. The buckle makes it easy to adjust the belt and the fabric feels pleasant to the touch.

Our Yoga Product's Core

The entire range is designed with comfort in mind, essential in yoga. At Domyos, we work as a team on our articles, so that your yoga sessions remain a moment of relaxation and fun. This way you can optimally concentrate on your posture and breathing. The models are tested during use and we regularly update them based on comments from our customers.

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