Yoga Mats

Looking for a good yoga mat? At Decathlon we have a wide range of yoga mats for all types of yoga. For soft yoga such as hatha yoga and yin yoga, we recommend a thicker yoga mat between 5 and 8 mm. These yoga mats offer more lying comfort. For dynamic forms of yoga such as ashtanga yoga and hot yoga, we prefer stability and grip. A non-slip yoga mat between 3 and 5 mm is therefore more suitable for this. For outdoor yoga sessions or yoga trips, we have yoga mats that are extra light and foldable so that you can easily transport the yoga mat. Also take a look at our range of Pilates mats .

Buying a Yoga Mat

At Decathlon you can easily and quickly buy a yoga mat online. As explained, each yoga form requires a different yoga mat. For soft yoga, a thicker yoga mat with more comfort is more important, while dynamic yoga requires a yoga mat with a good non-slip layer. The materials of our yoga mats are therefore tailored to this. Of course it is also not unimportant what a yoga mat looks like. That's why we have yoga mats in neutral and bright colors or you can find a nice yoga mat with print. In addition, we also have yoga mats that are sustainably produced. Before you buy a yoga mat, you can first try it out in the store or else you can return the yoga mat free of charge or exchange it for another model. This also applies if you are not completely satisfied with your purchased yoga mat.

Why Decathlon Yoga Mat?

At Decathlon you will find the most beautiful and best yoga mat for you! In addition to being affordable, our yoga mats are also great in quality. A Decathlon yoga mat has been tested several times on various aspects such as thickness, comfort and hygiene. We have a team of novice and avid yoga practitioners who ensure that the yoga mats and other yoga products are continuously improved. In addition, we have ensured in our range that everyone can find a yoga mat that suits him or her. That is why you will not find one yoga mat with us, but yoga mats in different colours, thicknesses, materials and price levels. Ultimately, the best yoga mat is a yoga mat that matches your wishes and yoga form.

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