Buying Badminton Shuttlecocks at Decathlon

Do you want to buy a badminton shuttle? At Decathlon you can buy badminton shuttlecocks with a plastic and feather cup. Decathlon offers shuttles for beginners and advanced players, and shuttles for indoor and outdoor use. There is also a wide choice of badminton shuttles for training, competitions or for playing badminton on vacation.

Difference in Badminton Shuttles

Need badminton shuttles? At Decathlon we have a wide choice of different types of shuttles, from beginner to advanced shuttles. The shuttles are packed in a sturdy tube, in which they can be safely stored. When playing badminton, a shuttle is used. A distinction is made between a nylon shuttle and a feather shuttle. Nylon shuttles have the great advantage that they are many times more durable than feather shuttles. These are therefore excellent for recreational use or when you train a lot. Feather shuttles, on the other hand, (made from duck or goose feathers) are much more precise. This is often used for competitions and at a higher level.