Buying Badminton Rackets at Decathlon Malaysia

Do you want to buy a badminton racket? At Decathlon you can buy badminton rackets for beginners, experienced and advanced players for both adults and children. We have a wide choice of badminton rackets with differences in properties such as flexibility, weight and balance. For beginners we have badminton rackets that are a bit more flexible and that give more speed to the shuttle. For the experienced players we have rackets that have a stiffer frame that gives more control. We also have special rackets for children to discover badminton. We have a wide choice for young and old and no distinction is made between men and women badminton rackets.

Different Properties of Badminton Rackets

When choosing the right badminton racket, you can look at different properties:

Top heavy

A badminton racket where the weight is mainly in the top of the racket ensures that the racket provides a lot of power. However, this is at the expense of control of your game. This could be a consideration if you prefer to play the game mainly from the backfield.

Equally balanced

A badminton racket in which the balance is neutral is a good compromise for players who do not yet know all their weaknesses and qualities. It's the middle ground between power and control.

Handle weight

When the weight is mainly in the handle of the badminton racket, this benefits maneuverability / control. This allows you to respond quickly. Keep in mind that these rackets generally have little power and are therefore not suitable for smashing.