Drinking Bottles, Water Bottles and Water Bags

Whether you are looking for drinking bottles, water bottles or water bags, at Decathlon Malaysia, we have it all. We have different sizes of running bottles, ranging from 115 ml to 0.5 ml. In addition to a water bottle for running, we also have different sizes of water bags, which you can store in a running backpack. Our soft flask running bottles are easy to hold and store.

Staying Hydrated While Running

Running is a strenuous sport, in which the whole body is working to cover a certain distance. Running is a form of locomotion that is less efficient than, for example, cycling. You perspire a lot while running and therefore lose a lot of moisture. The moisture loss can even increase up to 2 liters per hour depending on circumstances such as temperature, humidity and exercise. Loss of moisture while running leads to reduced performance. This can amount to up to 10% performance loss with one percent moisture loss. In addition to the fluid that you lose, you also lose important electrolytes. A shortage of fluids and these electrolytes will quickly reduce your performance and can eventually lead to dehydration or cramping. Dehydration during exercise can also have long-term deleterious consequences. That is why it is important to drink enough while running and to maintain the fluid balance. Because the amount of fluid loss naturally depends on the distance, duration, intensity and temperature, you will have to take into account how much drink you take with you.

Get Yourself A Drinking Belt While Running

If you are running for less than an hour, a drinking belt is generally not necessary unless it is very hot and humid. But in general, the water loss and the chance of dehydration is small with a run of less than an hour. It is important with these types of runs that you drink enough before and afterwards to restore the fluid balance. If you walk longer than an hour or it is very hot, we recommend a drinking belt to take your drink with you. At Decathlon Malaysia we have various drinking belts and running belts. By means of a drinking belt you can easily take several bottles or bottles of water with you while running. Because the drinking belt generally rests on your hips, you can easily and comfortably take several drinking bottles with you. A running drinking belt at Decathlon Malaysia come with or without drinking bottles, depending on the type of drinking belt. Of course you can also store your mobile and keys in the drinking belt, thanks to the handy compartments. The drinking belts can take drinking bottles up to 0.5 liters. The best drinking belt depends on the distance you walk and the temperature. During your run, you will have to take a good sip every 15 minutes to maintain the fluid balance.

What Do You Drink While Running?

So if you are looking for a running drinking belt look no further. A running drinking belt helps you with both your long and short runs and ensures that you withstand the warm weather. But what is the best drink to drink while running? When you drink water you restore the fluid balance, but you do not replenish the loss of electrolytes. There are different types of sports drinks that you can take with you while running. The three main groups are hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic sports drinks. To compensate for the loss, we recommend an isotonic drink. These drinks have the same concentration of sugars and electrolytes as the body fluids. This will allow you to record this the fastest. The running drinking belt is also very suitable for use while walking and other sports. Our running drinking belts are easy to adjust so that it fits everyone well. A running drinking belt prevents you from having to keep a drinking bottle in your hand all the time and the same applies to your mobile phone.

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