Our Running Shoes

Running shoes come in different shapes and sizes and at Decathlon Malaysia we have a large collection of different running shoes. Different types of runners require different types of running shoes and at Decathlon Malaysia we distinguish between runners who run to stay fit and runners who want to perform. It is therefore important to have a clear goal in mind and to choose the right running shoes based on your intended goal. It is important to choose the right running shoes that suit your running shoe requirements. The most expensive running shoes are not necessarily the best running shoes for you! At Decathlon Malaysia we have running shoes for people who run occasionally, people who run 2 to 3 times a week (up to 60 minutes) and performance runners. Because of the K-Only concept in our running shoes from Kalenji, your running pattern no longer matters, making every running shoe with K-Only suitable for you! The K-ring in many of our running shoes prevents you from sinking in or out. The K-ring corrects your running posture and ensures that you experience more stability while running. With running shoes it is important that your running shoes are comfortable and do not cause irritation to your feet. The right size running shoes are very important. When choosing running shoes, keep in mind that your feet expand while running. For this reason we recommended to always order at least half a size larger. It is also better to try on running shoes in the evening than in the morning - your feet expand during the day. This way you avoid ordering the wrong size running shoes.

The Best Running Shoes With The Best Price Quality

At Decathlon Malaysia you are at the right place when it comes to the best running shoes with the best price quality. We have good running shoes that are affordable and not inferior to other brands of running shoes. Our running shoes are developed and produced in-house, so we can always guarantee you the best price quality. Our running shoes are extensively tested by passionate runners at every level. Whether you are just starting out or are a competitive runner, we have the best running shoe for you. Testing the best pair of running shoes takes into account the running posture, gait and morphological characteristics of many different runners. We approach every runner as a unique person, each with their own unique characteristics. That is why not one specific shoe is the best running shoe for someone. This differs from the runner's traits. In addition, the way of settlement is very important to arrive at the right running shoe. If you land mainly on your forefoot while running, you need a different running shoe compared to someone who lands on their heel. That is why not one running shoe is the best running shoe for everyone.

Buy Running Shoes At Decathlon Malaysia

You can buy running shoes at Decathlon Malaysia. Both online and in the store you will receive expert advice on which running shoes to buy at Decathlon Malaysia. Our people managing the running section are also avid runners themselves and are happy to help you on your way whether you buy your first pair of running shoes or if you have years of experience. At Decathlon Malaysia you can easily order a pair of running shoes or buy them directly from our store. In addition, we offer a 365-day exchange period, so you can easily buy a pair of running shoes at Decathlon Malaysia. 

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