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Shop Running Socks Online at Decathlon Malaysia

Are you looking for comfortable and anti-irritation running socks? In the Decathlon Malaysia running shop you will find running socks in different colors and sizes. We have affordable running socks for women, men and children. Running socks are designed to look closely at the shape of the foot and the areas with the most blistering and irritation. Extra attention is paid to these areas of the running socks. In addition, we develop running socks that also support the ankles, these socks exert pressure at the right place to support the ankle as well as possible. When buying running socks you also have the choice between thin running socks and somewhat thicker running socks, depending on the temperature you can adjust your running socks accordingly. At Decathlon Malaysia we have running socks in every price category, from affordable running socks for a few euros to very technical running socks. The more technical running socks are better shaped to the foot. For example, there is a difference in left and right running sock and the dimensions are per two sizes. With the affordable running socks, the left and right socks are the same and there is less choice in size. If you are prone to blisters, we recommend buying running socks that fit more closely around the foot to limit irritation. In addition to normal running socks, we also have toe socks at Decathlon Malaysia, which prevent irritation between the toes. By adding a thin layer of fabric between the toes you limit blistering here. We also have different types of running socks including invisible running socks, half-high running socks and high running socks. The best running socks are seamless and anti-irritation to prevent blisters when you run. Our running socks support the natural foot roll and provide the right support. The Kalenji running socks ensure that you can handle every kilometer.

Running Socks For Men & Women

At Decathlon Malaysia we have running socks for both men and women. At Decathlon Malaysia you have no gender distinction with regard to the fit of the running sock. The big difference in women's and men's feet is generally the size. Men's feet are generally now larger than women's feet and therefore require larger running socks. All our running socks have a wide range of sizes and are therefore also suitable for both men and women. In addition to running socks for both men and women, we at Decathlon Malaysia also have the perfect running sock for children. Also with the running socks for children, the big difference is the size compared to that of adults. So if you are looking for a pair of running socks for women, men or children, take a quick look at our collection of running socks.

While you're shopping for our running shoes, don't forget we also offer other running products such as hydration belts & bags and running accessories. So do check them out as well.