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Buying a Running Watch at Decathlon Malaysia

Have you just started running? Or are you a very experienced runner looking for the best running watch that suits you? You have come to the right place at Decathlon Malaysia. You use a running watch to keep track of how long you run, how far you run, how fast you run to very specific details that you can use to make your running training as efficient as possible. At Decathlon Malaysia you will find running watches in every price category. To choose the right running watch for you, you first need to know what you would like to measure during your workouts. Based on this, you determine the right running watch that suits you. The most expensive running watch is therefore not immediately the best choice. The more expensive the running watch, the more accurate and more accurate you can measure. With most running watches you can also measure other activities besides running. At Decathlon Malaysia you will also find running watches with a smartwatch function where you receive notifications from your phone on your running watch.

GPS Watches

Would you like to measure your running distance with the corresponding time? Then you need a GPS watch. A running watch with GPS shows how many kilometers you have walked. With a running watch you can easily calculate your distance while running. GPS watches generally have a bluetooth function. You can use this to connect to your phone, so that you can see exactly what you have done with running on your phone with the accompanying app. There are also a number of running watches without GPS function, these are the basic models of a running watch and are often used as an activity tracker to determine how many steps you take in a day.

Watches With Heart Rate Monitor

Would you like to see what your heart rate is at that moment in addition to your training time? Then it is best to choose a watch with a heart rate monitor. The best running watch with heart rate monitor can measure heart rate on the wrist as well as with a heart rate belt. These running watches also offer a heart rate measurement in addition to the functions that a stopwatch can offer you. For example, the running watches often also keep track of how many calories you have consumed while running. Ideal for, for example, someone who wants to lose weight and likes to train in a low heart rate zone. A watch with a heart rate monitor measures the heart rate on the wrist by means of light sensors. These light sensors can accurately determine what your heart rate is based on a measurement on the wrist.

While you're shopping for our running watches & trackers, don't forget we also offer other running products such as running apparel for men and women, and other running accessories. So do check them out as well.