Swimming Goggles and Masks

Swimming is a sport that gives an amazing experience of underwater as well as the joy of floating. When going underwater, you need to make sure your eyes are well insulated from the water to be able to see better. Swimming Goggles or Masks are used to see clear and fell safe underwater and sharpen the swimmer’s vision and keep the eyes safer while the swimmer swims, snorkel or explore underwater. When a swimmer uses swimming goggles or masks, they will have some air in-between the cornea of their eyes and the glass of the goggle or masks which will keep the eye protected. That’s why swimming goggles or masks help you feel exactly like on the ground and help you see things clearly underwater.

At Decathlon, we provide a wide range of swimming goggles depending on the level of swimming and the requirement of the swimmer.

We have a variety of bright coloured, watertight styles that offer clear vision, or fogged or mirrored options. We also have created self-fit designs that can be adapted for short-sighted swimmers with corrective lenses or prescriptions.

Here is a perfect guide to know about the swimming goggles and masks at decathlon:

There are 2 sizes of swimming goggles or masks depending on your face structure. If you have a wide face, you can choose the L size and if you have a small face, you can choose size S. While buying the swimming goggles or masks, put on the swimming goggles or masks on your eyes without the straps and press it on your skin and if you feel a suction effect, it is the right size of swimming goggle or mask for you.

What glasses do we recommend?

For beginners - Swimming goggles or masks should be comfortable and simple for beginners. The beginners swimming goggles or masks have a wide vision range and clear lens for the swimmer to see underwater clearly. These swimming goggles and masks have simple adjusting straps and offer great comfort for learners. These swimming goggles or masks are extremely comfortable around the eyes, giving a watertight seal.

For intermediate swimmers - Swimmers who swim on a regular basis can use medium-sized swimming goggles or glasses but with a greater fastening or even adjustable and interchangeable bridge, which allows the swimmer to adapt to the swimming pool according to the daily training.

For advanced swimmers - Look for swimming goggles or masks that are designed for great stability and have a hydrodynamic design which is helpful during dives and somersaults. These swimming goggles or masks come with good adjustments and are suitable for competitions.

Swimming goggles or masks at Decathlon come in 3 different types of lenses - for dark swimming pools, use a clear lens, for bright swimming pools use the smoked lens and for swimming during the day or in open water use mirror lens.

Swimming goggles and masks always end up getting fogged or leak due to the pressure underwater. 

Here are a few tips to prevent that from happening:

-Use a gentle soap or baby shampoo to clean your swimming goggle or mask lenses before going to swim

-Consider buying lenses which have an anti-fog coating

-Store swimming goggle or masks in protective cases to prevent dirt and scum from building up

-Buy anti-fog sprays or gels and spray it on your lens before going for a swim

-Dipping the swimming goggles or masks in water before use may also help in preventing fog

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