Swimming Caps

Swimming Caps are an essential part of a swimmer’s costume. Swimming caps are sometimes worn in an attempt to keep hair dry and protect them from chlorinated water, to keep the sun off the hair and prevent it from damaging. The most important role of a swimming cap is that it improves the performance of a swimmer because it reduces the amount of drag or resistance of the swimmer. Swimming caps help in maintaining body temperature and reduce fatigue and help prevent from falling ill. Swimming caps also help in keeping the swimming pool hygienic and safe.

At Decathlon, you can find a variety of swimming caps to choose from! You can find swimming caps for men, women, girls, and boys. The 3 materials used to design these swimming caps are mesh, sili-mesh and silicone swimming caps.

-The mesh swimming caps are for great comfort and breathability for long hours of swimming.

-The sili-mesh swimming caps are good for stability as well as comfort for doing lapse.

-The silicone swimming caps are firmly fitted on your head and help to swim faster and are the most watertight swim caps.

The benefits of these swimming caps are that they are water-resistant, comes with an anatomic design, offer great stability, easy dressing, and are waterproof. Here are some benefits of swimming caps:

-Protection - Swimming caps not only keep your hair dry but also protect them from chemicals such as chlorine which is present in the swimming pool

-The pair - Swimming caps are a perfect pair with swimming goggles. Swimming caps prevent the swimming goggles from pulling on your hair and also helps with the position of the swimming goggles straps.

-Streamline - Swimming caps perfectly reduce drag in the water making you more streamlined. The swimming cap tucks your long hair perfectly in and reduces resistance.

Care for your swimming cap:

While wearing the swimming cap - Make sure you do not have sharp edges such as bobby pins in your hair to make sure it does not puncture the swimming cap. Also, use your fingertips and not nails to tuck your hair in the swimming cap.

After swimming - Rinse your swimming cap with non-chlorinated water and pat dry it with a towel or allow the swimming cap to hang dry. You can put some baby or talcum powder inside the swimming cap which absorbs the moisture and keeps the swimming cap away from bacteria growth and from sticking to itself.

When to replace the old swimming cap with a new one?

Once you start seeing holes in your swimming cap or once your swimming cap starts to stick to itself, it is time to replace it with a new swimming cap. If not replaced, the holes will start becoming bigger each time you wear it and due to the moisture, there will be bacteria produced in your swimming cap.