As your child is still a beginner, he/she needs support and grip to be able to swim on its own. Flotation devices are used to help your child concentrate on one aspect of their stroke in order to refine it, while still maintaining good body posture while swimming. It is easier and faster to swim with these flotation devices when compared to without any support. Flotation devices help to build confidence in your child while swimming, become accustomed to the horizontal body position and helps in the understanding of rotary breathing.

In our website, one can find all the flotation devices required for a child under one roof such as:

Kids Swimming Belt - The swimming belt helps to keep the child afloat in the swimming pool as they practice their arms and legs movements. The foam keeps the child afloat and the buckle is adjustable for a perfect grip.

Swimming Inflatable Pad for Babies - This device is built to create interest at an early stage. The swimming inflatable pad is like a seat for the baby to sit or sleep on and this pad floats on water. This way, the baby can feel the water and play with it and even look underwater because of the netted window on the seat. This is available for babies from 6 to 24 months of age. This provides good stability on the water and an easy grip for the adults to hold.

Swimming Armbands for Kids - The swimming armband is for children who are beginners. This device gives the child the confidence to swim by itself. This device can be used for children weighing from 11 to 30kgs. The swimming armband helps in the development of the motor skills of the child. The legs of the child are completely free for first movements in the water which will push the body in front and simultaneously make the arms move.

Swimming Neck Vest for Kids - The swimming Neck Vest for kids is used for children who want to swim with a very high level of buoyancy. This swimming device slips on like a swimming vest and allows children to discover swimming movements in an easy manner.

Swimming Armbands and Waistbands for Kids - The swimming armband is made up of three modular parts that help children in the different steps of the learning process, from the vertical position to the horizontal position. The swimming armband is for children who weight from 15 to 30kg.

Swimming Floating Belt - The swimming belt helps children to learn to swim at their pace, by adjusting the belts and keeping the central float in mind.

Swimming Ring for Kids - Swimming rings for the kids is used to gain stability. This swimming ring gives the child balance while he/she is learning how to move the arms and legs to go forward. The swimming rings are very useful for beginners, from the age of 3 to 6 years. The ring also gives great stability and is user-friendly.

Swimming seat for Babies - The swimming seat is designed for babies from 11 to 15kgs. The swimming seat is for the child to have a fun time in the swimming pool and with safety. This seat is built for the comfort of the child and for great stability.

Swimming Kickboard for Kids - The swimming kickboard helps in practicing and improving the kicks in the swimming pool. The swimming kickboard is designed to keep the child afloat so that he/she can practice and gain the confidence to swim.

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