Buy Basketball Balls at Decathlon Malaysia

Are you looking for a basketball? At Decathlon Malaysia you will find a wide range of basketballs. We have basketballs for both children and adults. Because basketball can be played both indoors and outdoors, we also have different types of balls for indoor and outdoor use. Are you looking for an affordable basketball? The basketballs from Tarmak have an excellent price-quality ratio and meet all the requirements that you need as a basketball player.


It is difficult to play basketball with deflated and worn-out balls. The same goes for balls that slide or bounce badly as well. This is why we design basketball balls that have an integrated layer inside, a green gel composed of rubber microparticles, which sucks up the air, fills the holes and reinforces the worn areas. This reduces pressure loss and allows you to continue playing with the best air retention you have ever

Adult Basketballs

We design a range of balls that are available in a different size, colour, and material for both men and women. The official model of basketball for men is size 7. For women, the size 6 model is official for women's leagues. Balls made of different materials are used to play on different kinds of surfaces. For example: If you want a ball to play outdoors, buy basketball made of rubber or technical plastics that are more resistant and more durable on abrasive materials characteristic of the street. For indoor players only and regular practice, opt for a genuine leather ball that will provide a very good game on the floors and synthetic floors of the basketball halls. If you want to practice both in the gym and outside, choose a synthetic leather basketball that offers a very good rebound combined with great resistance.

Some common features of our Basketballs

Ball touch: Good ball feel, thanks to the foam rubber exterior. Durability - Excellent durability, thanks to the 1.8 mm rubber exterior and the Magic Jam Traction: Good grip from its tyre-like sculpted rubber panels. Lasting air retention - Can go longer between re-inflations thanks to a bladder made with 50% butyl.

While you're shopping for basketball balls, don't forget we also offer other basketball products such as basketball socks and apparel. So do check them out as well.