Football Boots

With football boots (kicking) it is important that they are comfortable and that you have a good grip. At Decathlon you will find affordable football boots for children and adults regardless if they are a beginner or experienced player. This is so that new players can discover the sport inexpensively. 

Different Types of Football Boots

Football is a major sport worldwide. And is practiced on many different surfaces. It is therefore not surprising that different types of football boots can be found for the field and the hall.

-Natural grass shoes FG (Firm Ground) and MG (Multi Ground) these are also suitable for high artificial grass

-Indoor football shoes IN (Indoor), these are also suitable on asphalt

-Artificial grass shoes TF (Turf) and HG (Hard Ground) suitable for short artificial grass and frozen fields

-Football boots screw knob SG (Soft Ground) suitable for wet swampy fields

The most common football boots are the shoes with a fixed stud and a so-called FG (firm ground) or MG (multi ground) sole. These shoes are generally used on normal grass pitches, but you can also play with them on high artificial grass. These shoes are therefore multifunctional, but will wear out sooner when used on artificial grass, because the nose of the shoe is often glued to the sole. With artificial grass shoes, the nose is often extra stitched for more durability.

For indoor football and street football, also called futsal, Decathlon has a wide range of indoor football shoes. In these shoes it is important that you do not slide or slide, because you have to be very maneuverable in the hall and on the street. So make sure that the shoe fits well when you make a choice.

Artificial grass shoes or turf shoes are characterized by the TF (turf) or HG (hard ground) sole, which consists of many small studs in place, in contrast to the FG and MG football boots where there are larger and fewer studs. These TF and HG shoes are ideal for short artificial grass and frozen lawns.

Finally, at Decathlon we offer boots with screw studs, the so-called SG (soft ground) sole. These football boots are less used and are specifically suitable for swampy lawns. Ideal for wet weather.

How to Choose Football Boots?

All football boots are developed for optimal grip on a certain surface and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. Often you train on an artificial grass pitch, but your football matches are on a normal grass pitch. It is therefore difficult to make a choice. Ideally, you will have both artificial turf and regular football boots with a fixed stud so that you can alternate when playing on a different pitch. We recommend that you initially look at the use and base your choice on this. The advantage is that many shoes (MG and FG sole) are multifunctional, you can use them on normal lawns and on long artificial grass. Your boots will wear out earlier on the artificial turf and therefore it may be wise to purchase specific artificial turf (TF and HG) football boots.

Which Football Boots to Buy?

Many novice football players put a lot of time, energy and money into a complete outfit, but forget to buy the right football boots. Good boots are the basis for practicing the sport comfortably. At Decathlon you have a pair of cheap football boots for the novice football player to discover the sport.