Decathlon Shah Alam: Mural Competition Rules and Regulations

1. Competition Timeline

  • 29th July – 12th August 2019: Submission of mural designs
  • 13th August – 18th August 2019: Organizer to select 12 designs
  • 19th August 2019: Organizer to announce the final 12 participants
  • 23rd August 2019: Briefing of participants, registration
  • 25th August 2019: Painting of mural
  • 26th August – 15th September 2019: Pictures of murals posted online for the public to vote on
  • 16th September 2019: Winner is announced (Most likes, shares and tagged post with #ShahAlamMyPlayground)

2. Registration and Eligibility

  • Open to artists of all nationalities, aged 18 years and above
  • Participants may enter the competition solo or form a team of up to 5 individuals

3. Specification of Mural

  • Wall Size: 3 meters (H) x 4.7 meters (W); participants should be able to use the whole space provided.
Wall Size: 3 meters (H) x 4.7 meters (W)
  • Medium: Acrylic paint, spray paint
  • Theme: “Shah Alam, My Sports Playground” (Participants’ designs must incorporate elements of Decathlon’s colors – Blue, White, and Orange) - the use of other colors will be accepted so long as Decathlon's blue, white and orange are prominently featured.
Colors and Compositions Guideline
  • The design must be original and must have been conceptualized and executed by the participants. Works which are copies of existing works will be automatically disqualified.
  • Obscene and offensive entries will be rejected outright.

4. Submission of Designs

  • All participants must submit the following requirements via email. Participants with team members must accomplish an entry form as well and send it together.
    • Registration form (download link on the last page)
    • Waiver form (download link on the last page)
    • Mural design/s to be executed
      • Designs must be submitted in jpeg or pdf file.
      • Designs must be at 300 dpi resolution.
    • At least (3) full shots of any paintings done by the participant/s
  • Submission Guidelines
    1. The required file documents and the mural design must be submitted to
    2. Deadline of submission of requirements is on August 12th, 2019 (6:00 PM).

5. Selection of Finalists

  • A maximum of 12 designs and announced by the organizer through Decathlon Malaysia’s social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) on 19th August 2019 at 6 pm.
  • Criteria will be based on interpretation of the theme and artistic quality.
  • The finalists will be contacted via phone call and e-mail provided on the registration form.
  • Each team will be awarded RM200 worth of Decathlon gift cards.
  • Decathlon’s decisions as to the finalists are final, irrevocable and cannot be appealed.

6. Painting of Mural

  • Finalists must be present on 25th August 2019 for the painting of the mural.
  • The mural must be completed by 7 pm, 25th August 2019.
  • Only the approved design must be executed.
  • Failure to complete by 7 pm, 25th August 2019 will result in the Participants’ mural being disqualified from the public voting session. Participants will be allowed to complete their mural at a time to be decided by the organizer.
  • Participants should prepare and bring all equipment necessary, including but not limited to paints, brushes, trays and rollers, palette, and tape for the painting of the mural.
  • Food (breakfast and lunch) will be provided by the organizer on 25th August 2019.

7. Public Voting

  • Pictures of the 12 murals will be posted online for the public to vote on from 26th August, 12 pm to 15th September, 12 pm.
  • The picture with the most likes, shares and tagged posts points (calculated per the formula below) will win RM3000 worth of gift vouchers.

8. Announcement of Winner

  • The winner will be announced on 16th September, at 12 pm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of Decathlon Malaysia.
  • The winner will be contacted via e-mail and phone call.
  • Winner will have to collect their prizes at Decathlon Shah Alam within one month from 16th September 2019.

9. Inquiries and Clarifications

You may contact Adibah at or 03-55243599.
Download the registration and waiver form here:
"Shah Alam, My Sports Playground"
Mural for Decathlon in Decathlon Hannover-Laatzen; by Jonas Hauss
Mural for Decathlon by Jonas Hauss