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Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom



Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom

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8 reviews
6 of 8 people recommends this product
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
  • Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom
Tent with poles - Arpenaz 4.1 - 4-man - 1 Bedroom

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Our team of experts has designed this Arpenaz 4.1 tent with poles for four campers wanting a bedroom and a spacious living area.



Bedroom: 240 x 210 cm | Stand-up living room: 5 m² with rising groundsheet

Easy assembly / dismantling

Simple pitching thanks to the coloured markers on the poles

Heat reduction

Flysheet above the living area to limit condensation


UPF 30 fabric: lets in sunlight and filters out some of the UV rays


Tropical rain laboratory test | Under shower: 200 mm of water per hour per m²


Withstands force 6 winds - around 50 km/h | Wind tunnel test

Easy transport

Rectangular cover | 60 x 24 x 24 cm | 35 litres | 9.8 kg


Living room

5 m² living room with a tent height of 1.90 m.
This tent is equipped with a rising groundsheet at the entrance in case of rain and a see-through window with a blind.

Pitching and packing away

You have three poles to insert into their respective sleeves. You will find colour codes which will help you.

Sun protection

The flysheet fabric has UPF 30 sun protection.
Important :be careful, a significant amount of UV can get in through a simple open door.

Air vents

The ventilated flysheet on the living space provides ventilation and reduces condensation inside your tent. High ventilation hatches are also provided at the front and back of the tent, along with high mosquito nets on the door and at the back of the bedroom.

Wind resistance

We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable. The goal is to expose each side of our tent to the same wind intensity.
Well pitched with the guy ropes properly deployed, this tent remains habitable in a force 6 wind, measured at 50 km/h.


We test our tents to validate their waterproofing. The first test is undertaken in the laboratory for 4 hours under 200 litres of water per hour per m², the equivalent of tropical rain of 200 mm per hour. The second test is done in the field under real conditions by our teams. This tent is fitted with a 2000 mm polyurethane-coated polyester flysheet. It also has seams taped using heat-sealed strips and a 140 g/sqm polyethylene groundsheet.

Size and weight

Rectangular cover | 60 x 24 x 24 cm | 35 litres | 9.8 kg


As designers and practitioners who love our playground, we care about the durability of our products. That's why all our tents are designed to be repairable. Spare parts and pole repairs are available in the workshop of your Decathlon store or on our website at the following address:
Should you have any issues with this tent, take a look at its after-sales sheet: http://bit.ly/tente-arceaux-4p-1ch

Poles and tent pegs

Poles - All of our poles are made from fibreglass and undergo double quality controls. This guarantees some of the best resistance against breakage.
Pegs - All of our pegs are made from steel and have a diameter of 6 mm.

Sleeping width

The bedroom of this tent is designed to accommodate a maximum of four mattresses 60 cm wide. It can also accommodate a couple looking for a very large bedroom.



3.5/5 8 reviews
6 of 8 people recommends this product
Bought a new one and received an used one
Hari (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less Verified purchase What is a "Verified purchase"?

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You sent me an used tent with all poles broken,elastics broken as well,it's obvious the tent was used,unfortunately I didn't check the package inside when I received it,because I trusted Decathlon, but when I arrived in camping site,I had to spend 2 hours in the rain,trying to fix the poles and replace the elastics.Decathlon,you should be ashamed of what you have done.I advice everyone when buy a product online check the containing,or you might be in the same troubles as me.
Broken tent
Richard (United Kingdom) Used for 7 to 12 months
tent was a good buy but not good in bad weather broke in strong wind 2x poles snapped couldn't replace them. Tent was un usable.
U wouldn't recommend buying this tent
Impressive and brilliant tent
Saqib (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less
I bought this tent for staycation in 2020 (as unable to go abroad because of Covid-19). We are a family of 4, two adults, a 6 year old and 1 year old.
For first time camping with young family, I was sceptical about the tent and camping in general. However, this tent has a good sized sleeping area and equally good sized living space. Both areas have double layers overhead as sleeping area is separate and attached to the main tent from inside while as living space has a fly sheet over it. It is well ventilated as well.
It endured strong winds and a full day's heavy rain which at times was almost torrential. Given that tent tent remained unscathed and dry despite the bad weather conditions, that was really impressive.
As living space is fairly well ventilated, it allowed us to prepare tea etc. within it when it was lashing down. It also accommodates few chairs, small table and other bags etc.
Whole family had a good experience with this tent as well as camping holiday overall.
I'd definitely recommend this product.
Philip (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I found this to be the most simplest to erect even on my own, sort the poles first in the right order and insert, then peg the front, then go straight to the rear and peg, then back to the front for pegging in right position then the middle frame then back to the back and position. Then go around the tent checking every line for tension. Simple and thank you for a great 3 weeks, just me and the dog
Not easy to erect, believe my tent was faulty
Ashleigh (United Kingdom) Used for 1 week or less
Bought this tent as wanted a large bedroom area and space to stand up, following reading good reviews, this seemed like a great option for the price. I was really keen to use it, having watched the assembly video beforehand - but In reality it was a disaster!

I found this tent extremely difficult to assemble and believe there must have been something wrong with mine.
I know the poles aren’t supposed to be easy to get the little metal key things into and you have to try really hard to bend them enough to insert the key, but the front pole where the door is was basically impossible to get them into, and after a lot of effort when I finally managed to get it in, the front pole was bent like a wonky horse shoe (nothing like the pics/video), and the black strap connected to the sides of the tent along the floor had pulled so taut, it had raised up into the air meaning we ran the risk of tripping over it every time we entered/exited the tent, and It was pulling on the tent material, in a way which just seemed as though something was wrong in the design or the length of the black strap. This front pole came free from its metal key, so the front of the tent was loose and not secure my entire trip. If I had forced it again I feared it would break the pole or the tents material.
I am not confident in the design of this tent, despite looking lovely and being big inside, this issue was just too much of a worry and I never want to use it again.
£20 more expensive than last year
Sam (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Great tent to start with. Stayed 2 weeks in tenby last summer. Stayed extra 2 nights just as storm came in. Unfortunately a pole broke in the night so pegged it out tighter in the wind and rain but by light it had torn up the front. I would buy it again though and get better pegs and make sure everything is tight straight away. But unfortunately it is more expensive than last year. We're all struggling these current time not just businesses!
A lot of tent for the price
Simon (United Kingdom) Used for 7 to 12 months
We needed and extra tent in a hurry for my Scouts and decided to go for one of these. We were not disappointed. We also have some of the Quechua 4 Man Air Beam Tents and whilst these take a bit more erecting, they are pretty much the same as the Air Beam equivalent when up. A great alternative for those on a budget that will last for years. Ours has been used throughout the winter, got filthy and swiftly cleaned in deepest Northumberland and is still watertight. Well done Quechua, Decathlon and thank you to all at Gateshead.
Spacious, well designed tent for the price.
P (United Kingdom) Used for More than 2 years
I've had this tent for nearly 5 years now and it has been used for numerous trips of 1 to 5 nights away, first with my 5 year old son and most recently with my son who is now 9 and his 4 year old brother. We've had weather ranging from glorious sun to cold, torrential prolonged rain and strong winds in the North Wales mountains. The tent has not let us down. Having read the comments about collapses and serious leaks through the vents I have to say I've not experienced any of that. As with any tent you need to pitch it properly and the more level the ground the better, I have noticed it doesn't stand quite straight and you do have to be careful that the raised edges of the detached ground sheet Don't get squashed down or that can lead to puddles in the living area. As with any 4 man tent I wouldn't recommend it for any more than 3 if with children or 2 adults. I do have a separate little gazebo at the side for food, utensils and cooking etc. Which gives us room in the tent for our clothes and the kids to stretch out with books, devices etc. when the weather is bad. I've had the elastic snap in one of the poles once which luckily happened when we were taking the tent down! I now travel with spare elastic and some tools fashioned from a wire coat hanger which allow me to remove the old elastic and thread the new one if needed. I've also bought some better quality pegs from Decathlon. 2 other things - I can pitch it on my own and I can stand up in it! All round a fantastic not so little tent for the price.
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