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Welcome to the Decathlon Family!

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The Decathlon Membership Program is designed to build a community of sports loving people around Decathlon products and services and offer you exclusive membership benefits. As a Decathlon Member, you know you will live the Decathlon experience to the fullest. We are with you, before, during and after your Sport Journey.

100% of our customers

As a Decathlon Member, what are my benefits?

Your Sport Journey is our priority. Our objective is to deliver quality products that help you embark on that Journey. However if you have second thoughts about your purchase or our products don’t live up to your expectations, we will take them back or refund them.

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What kind of products are entitled to the 365 days Return & Exchange policy?

At Decathlon we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our dedication to customer satisfaction. Exclusively for our Decathlon Members, for a purchase within Malaysia, we offer our members up to 365 days to return or exchange your items.

Yes, one full year to return or exchange your Decathlon items in the following 2 cases:

  1. Unwanted goods: unused and in their original packaging. You can get a refund when returning unwanted goods. Please note that we do not offer any option to exchange unwanted goods at the moment, and we do not allow refund of perishable goods such as food or drinks.
  2. If the product in use is not satisfactory for the intended sport practice, please note that we will not accept:
    • products that are deemed to be damaged on purpose or not properly maintained
    • products used outside of their intended means
    • products subject to normal wear and tear
    • perishable goods such as food and drinks; gas canisters; personalised items; personal safety equipment, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

Based on our assessment (taking into consideration the condition of the product and length/frequency of use), our Decathlon Team retains the right to accept or refuse the return, and in the event a return is accepted, Decathlon has the right to choose the solution offered.

How can I exchange or return purchased items?

Exchange or Return in our stores

Items purchased in one of our Decathlon stores can be returned to any other Decathlon store. You can proceed to exchange or return your item at the Welcome Desk at the entrance of the store. Our Teammates will be happy to assist you. Exchange or Return via shipping

You might have bought your items in-store or online and want to return or exchange via shipping.

If you want to return your item, you will be required to arrange for delivery of the item to the store, with the delivery fee being at your own cost.

If you want to exchange your item, you will be required to arrange for delivery of the item to the store, with the delivery fee being at your own cost. Decathlon will then send you the new item, with free delivery to your home!

Please contact our Customer Service Team at 1800 818 755 (Operating Hours - Monday to Friday 10AM - 7PM).

Is it possible to process the refund on another banking card than the one used for the purchase?

Please note that we will only be able to refund you on the same card as the one used for the purchase.

What if I have lost my receipt?

It’s alright. One awesome benefit of being a member: you will only need to provide your Decathlon Membership number or registered email ID. We will then be able to link electronic copies of your receipts to your personal account. Yes, as a member, since you do not need to print the receipts, we are participating in saving the planet together!

What if I am not a Decathlon Member?

You have the right to return unwanted goods up to 30 days from the date of purchase with proof of purchase. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to process the return or exchange without the receipt of the corresponding item. Become a member (link) and enjoy 365 days return & exchange as well as the convenience of not needing receipts.


All Decathlon products come with a minimum of 2 years warranty.

What are the modalities of the 2 years warranty?

We will firstly offer a repair solution. If we are unable to repair your item within a reasonable period, we will exchange the product with one of equivalent value. If no equivalent product is available, we will offer a full refund.

Can the warranty last longer than 2 years?

Can lah! At Decathlon, we want our Members to enjoy longer warranties for some particular products when it is mentioned on the item. For Btwin products, you can refer to following link : Btwin Life Warranty

What if I am not a Decathlon Member?

For the non Decathlon Member, we will ask you to bring a proof of purchase.

Have you ever dreamed of testing a product before buying it?

As a Decathlon Member, you can do it! You can first test our products in our stores, thanks to our test zones and during our events. You can also test our products in real conditions thanks to our 7 Days Free Product Testing! All we want is to make sure that the products you choose are the perfect fit for you and your needs, absolutely free of charge!

How does it work?

  1. Choose your product,
  2. Test it in our stores with one of our Teammates,
  3. Test it in real conditions for up to 7 days,
  4. You liked it? Come back to buy it. Didn’t like it? Return it to us.

What type of products can be tested?

All products can be tested EXCEPT: Perishable products such as food and drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, safety and Hygiene products. Members may only test products that are readily available in the store. It is not possible to order or specifically reserve products for testing. Products available for testing may be either brand new products and/or used products. Decathlon reserves the right to make available in priority Used Products for the 7 Days Free Trial Program.

What is the process to test products?

The 7 Days Free Trial Program is available in all our physical Decathlon Malaysia stores. Each Member may request to borrow and test only one product at a time, subject to availability in the store, for a maximum period of 7 calendar days commencing from the time of collection of the product from the Decathlon store. The Decathlon Team will fill the 7 Days Free Product Testing Form with the member. Decathlon Members must provide their Membership Number to be eligible for the 7 Days Free Trial Program. Decathlon Members MUST provide their NRIC, Driver License or Passport. The documents provided will be stored in a secure file in the Decathlon store and will be returned to the member at the completion of the testing period or destroyed. Decathlon will provide to the member a receipt signed by the Decathlon Team and the member.

What happens after the 7 Days Product Testing period?

If you like it, you buy it. If you’re not happy with the trial product, you may return it to us. The product tested should be returned to the same store during opening hours. The product has to be returned in the same condition in which it left the Decathlon store.

What happens if the product is damaged during the testing period?

Members will be solely responsible for the use and care of the product during the Testing Period. Prior to leaving the Decathlon store, Decathlon teammates will inspect the condition of the product. Upon the completion of the Testing Period, Decathlon will evaluate the condition of the product to determine whether the product has been damaged or can continue to be used as a testing product. If the product is determined to be damaged, Decathlon will inform the Member of the amount to be paid (the recommended retail price of the said product) and the Member must proceed to the Decathlon store in order to pay the required amount.

What happens if the testing product is not returned after the testing period?

Decathlon will contact the member and require payment to be made accordingly to the form signed by both parties. In case the member cannot be contacted, Decathlon has the right to contact the authorities to impose the full amount of the retail price of the product.

We can’t wait to see you during our events!

Being part of the Decathlon Family, you will be able to participate in all our events, join our Communities and meet people who share the same passion as yours. Our Teammates and partners welcome all of you because we are all working towards the achievement of our goal in Decathlon: to sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many. If you want more information, you can contact the Decathlon Team of your favorite store here: Our Stores