• 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
  • 100 Kids' Judo Uniform
100 Kids' Judo Uniform

100 Kids' Judo Uniform

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Our team of passionate designers has created this judo gi so that your child can discover judo and make their debut on the tatami.

Is your child learning judo? With a white belt and reinforcements on high-stress areas, this soft and durable uniform is perfect for learning the basics in judo.

Main fabric: 35.0% Cotton, 65.0% Polyester


Breaking resistance

You child will learn judo in complete comfort with this durable gi weighing 190 g/m².

Freedom of movement

The loose fit will give your child plenty of room to move

Ease of use

The elasticated waistband holds the trousers in place.


Introducing the 100 eco-friendly junior judo gi

To make learning judo easier, we've created a gi that meets all your needs: correct sleeve length, looseness at the shoulders, and a fitted waist so you can move with ease. And the bottoms? They are more durable at the knees for floor combat. And with the elasticated waistband, they're easy to put on!

Responsible design

We took an eco-friendly approach to designing this iconic product.
We've reduced our environmental impact by more than 10% by focusing on two things:
- Making the fabric from recycled polyester
- Adjusting the size
This has led to a shape that fits kids much better than before.
As a result, we've been able to use fewer raw materials while making a product that's even more suitable for judo.

Which size of gi should you get?

The right size depends on your child's height!
Our gis come in sizes from 100 to 150 cm. We recommend choosing one that's at least 5 cm bigger than your child's height, just in case of any growth spurts (kids generally grow 5 to 10 cm per year).
For example, if your child is 1.35 m tall, choose a 140 cm gi.

Grammage and composition: what they mean

The thickness of the fabric is expressed in grams per square metre. This is called grammage. For judo, it's best to have a uniform in durable fabric that holds up during not only grips but in the wash as well!
That's why we chose a fabric in 65% cotton and 35% polyester: it holds up better to pulling and washing.
What about the fabric weight? At 190 g/m², your child will be incredibly comfortable as they learn!

How to take care of your uniform

We suggest airing out your uniform after every use. To keep them white, be sure to wash them regularly. One pointer? Wash on a cold wash for the first few times. After that, you can wash it in temperatures up to 30°C. When you dry it, it's best to let it air dry and never use the dryer.