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Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
Men's Surf Hat - Grey



Men's Surf Hat - Grey

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  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
  • Men's Surf Hat - Grey
Men's Surf Hat - Grey
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Our team of designers has developed a UV-resistant hat that is perfectly suited to surfing, for UV protection even when wet.

The hat that protects you from UV rays, even in the water. Stays in place thanks to its chin strap, even when you go under the waves during a duck dive or wipeout.


Sun protection

UPF 50+ fabric. Sun protection even when wet. Blocks at least 95% of UV rays.


Adjustable and removable neoprene chin strap. Suitable for use in waves.

Quick drying

Quick-drying polyester synthetic.


Stability in use

This hat has 2 removable tightening systems:
- A cord for calm water conditions, or simply to stroll by the sea.
- An adjustable neoprene chin strap to keep it firmly in place, even in the waves. Designed for surfing and bodyboarding, also suitable for dinghy sailing, stand-up paddle, sea wading, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.

UV protection even when wet

The fabric of this OLAIAN UV-resistant product blocks at least 98% of UVB radiation and 95% of UVA (UPF 50+). This guarantees effective protection from the sun. It can be used both in and out of the water, for water or nautical sports.

What does UPF 50+ mean?

UPF is a sun protection factor (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) and is standardised worldwide.
It defines the protection level of a fabric and more precisely the proportion of UV rays it lets through.
To meet the standards, it must block at least 95% of UV rays. UPF 50+ means that the fabric blocks at least 95% of UVB and 98% of UVA rays.

Behaviour when in the sun

Although this hat protects from the sun, phenomena such as reflections (from water, sand ...), heat, time of day, etc. must be taken into account. Wearing this hat does not exempt the wearer from following the relevant advice: wear sunglasses, regularly apply an appropriate sun cream, wear an anti-UV top or shorty, drink regularly, etc.

Surfing sun protection


What is the OLAIAN brand?

OLAIAN, DECATHLON'S SURF BRAND based in Hendaye, in South West France, OLAIAN is the surfing brand from Decathlon. In our offices at the water's edge, we can design a product made for surfing and then on the same day test it directly in real practice conditions


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1 of 1 people recommends this product
Surf without glare anymore
Muhammad (Malaysia) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Excited with this product & i really love it. But the delivery from decathlon itself took more than 3 days to send for delivery to the transporter. I've order other product from other website from China on the same day I order with decathlon, & both items arrived on the same day at my house.
Response of the brand

Hi Muhammad. YES glare no more! We agree on that and thank you for choosing us. On the side note, we will take note on the delivery lead time and improve it in the future to serve you better (and faster). Please let us know if there is anything else we can improve on. Thank you once again for your time and we hope to serve you again soon (physically and virtually)!

Afika N.

Muhammad found this answer helpful
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