100 XBASE Swimming Goggles, Size S Blue Orange



Made for young beginner swimmers in pools or outdoors.
XBASE, the comfy swimming goggles that adapt to all face shapes thanks to a patented adjustment system at bridge of the nose and the simple strap adjustment that guarantees excellent watertightness.


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Field of visionStandard field of vision, 120°< <135°
Adjustable2 adjustments: nose bridgeS,M,L+wide strap with numbered notches & rear buckle
StabilityRecreational goggles that provide good stability thanks to the small lenses
Anti-foggingAnti-fog treatment on the inner surface of the lenses.
WaterproofVery flexible seals with a great adaptability to fit the face.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Informations

Swimming goggle watertightness depends on correctly adjusting the silicone seals to the face shape. Before purchase, we advise you to do the "suction" test without the strap. If the goggles stay on the face by themselves via slight suction, the product will be watertight during your swim. This also enables you to spot any areas of discomfort or annoyance when the model is on the face. This model comes in size S (narrow faces) and size L
We recommend: - rinsing your goggles (only if necessary) by simply dipping them in water - avoiding directing powerful jets of water at the inner surface of the lenses. - storing the goggles in their case after each session to prevent damage to the lenses (on the inner surface as there is an anti-fog coating and on the outer surface to prevent scratches) - not exposing them to temperatures of over 60°C DO NOT TOUCH/RUB THE INSIDE OF YOUR LENSES
The appearance of fog depends on several factors, the difference in temperature between the body and the water, humidity levels, etc. Wear due to friction is one of the main causes. If your goggles fog up, dip your lenses in the water and a protective film will reform. After a certain amount of time it is normal for the performance of the anti-fog coating to be diminished. We offer an anti-fog marker that reactivates an ageing anti-fog treatment and makes your goggles last longer.
SizeS / slim faces
Information / Concept / Technology
Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) Strap : 100.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene (SEBS) Buckles : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)

Stockage Tips
After use, store the swimming goggles in their case or plastic pouch. Important: Important: do not touch the inner surface of the lenses as this could destroy the anti-fog treatment


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Great goggles
Used for 3 to 6 months
No leaks, easy to adjust, don't fog up, miss love them.
good goggles
Used for 1 week or less
Fit well
See through goggles
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
These are neat for my 5 yr old kid
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Great goggles. Do not slip. Great protection and look good. Can’t fault. Definitely recommend
The eye pieces keep coming out of the seals
Used for 3 to 6 months
My daughter refuses to wear these goggles after only a few months as the eye pieces keep coming out of the seals and she cant fix them in her swimming lesson. I don't know if this is a design fault with this pair, but I don't have the reciept or packaging to return them.
I am surprised at this as other reviews seem great...
Response of the brand
Dear Alison,

Thank you for your feedback. Indeed this model has a lot of positive reviews with average 4.4 / 5 score. During these many years of selling Xbase we have not had any major quality issues. Probably it is one-off defect.  
We will be more than happy to replace your current goggles. Just please visit your local store or use the online procedure to exchange for new pair. If you discover any issues with the exchange process then please contact me directly on provided email.
All of our Nabaiji products comes with 2 years warranty and we will be very happy to see your daughter using our goggles again.  

Kind regards,

adjusting this on the head is not easy
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Whenever i adjust this on the forehead of me 5 year old , it pulls some hairs, or if i tighten the strap after a loose fit, it pulls the skin, the tightning belt need to be worked upon, i wish its made of a nylone strip
My daughter loves her new goggles
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
We recently purchased these goggles for my 5 year old daughter for swimming lessons and she loves them. She would prefer the lenses to have been clear but apart from that they are great
Perfect and high quality
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I first bought the same pair @ decathlon in Sardinia and sadly they broke but my son loved the sooo much so i bought 2 pair
They are very high quality and for the price you get more then you bargain for
Used for 1 week or less
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