Made for for RECREATIONAL archery or starting out at CLUB level from 10 to 30 metres.
For improving archery skills.
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PrecisionRigid grip. Dynamic limbs.
Ease of useErgonomic grip. Easy to load.
Easy assembly / dismantlingScrew-in limbs. False string supplied to set up string.
DurabilityGrip and limbs moulded and stiffened with fibreglass.
Warranty2 years excluding consumables (bowstring and arrow rest).
Technical Informations

Size M = 66 inches (Archer from 1.35 m to 1.54 m). Size L = 68 inches (Archer from 1.55 m to 1.74 m). Size XL = 70 inches (Archer from 1.75m and over).
Size M = 24 Lbs Size L = 26 Lbs Size XL = 28 Lbs.
The storage case can be used as a bow rest during a session.
Standard inserts for attaching sight, clicker, plunger-button and stabilizers. Use arrows best suited to your bow's draw weight and your draw length.
SizeAvailable in M / L / XL
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Polybutylene terephtalate (PBT)

Stockage Tips
Dismantle your bow after each use to prolong its lifespan. Store your bow away from source of heat and damp.

Maintenance Tips
To optimise performance, think to replace string and arrow rest in the event of visible wearing.


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Great bow at super tight budget
Used for More than 1 year
Used this bow quite a while and its great bow to have. Now using it as barebow for local tournament. Just get the right arrow for it, you will be impressed.
Good entry level bow...with one major flaw
Used for 1 week or less
This is a great bow. Has a lot of power and the set up is really easy. For the price, you're really getting a lot of bang for your buck and I would recommend this to anyone thinking of trying archery but who doesn't want to spend a fortune. However, there is one major issue that really needs sorting by Geologic that would make this an outstanding bow rather than just a good one - the arrow rest. You have to stick it on to the main body of the bow with a piddly little foam pad, and after 20 or so shots the pad will lose adhesion and ping off. Worse, the arrow rest itself is made of super flimsy plastic and so breaks after a while. Yes, you get two in the box with the bow, but it's really quite poor and a vital piece of the bow. Why not just have the arrow rest molded out of the same piece as the bow? Yes, Decathlon sells spares, but it really isn't good enough. I eventually resorted to using a screw through the eyelet on the bow and relied on that. You can get a metal arrow rest, but it's still stuck on using the same type of rubbish adhesive foam pad. It's really a rather poor design decision, so bear this in mind. A great bow for the price, but it's a shocker that this one design flaw exists to stop it being truly brilliant.
About the material
Used for 1 week or less
Is the material used in the bow which is Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) stronger or the same strength and material as fibreglass or wood, or is it as strong as carbon?
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