Absorb Squash Grip - Black



Made for advanced squash players wanting a highly absorbent and comfortable grip.
This comfortable and absorbent grip provides very good sensations for more fun on the court.

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AbsorptionThe material and the holes absorb perspiration.
Abrasion resistanceThe grip absorbs perspiration to help prevent wear.
Ergonomic gripThis soft grip is easy to keep hold of.
Warranty2 Years

Contents1 grip
Information / Concept / Technology
Grip : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)

Test Product
Our product has been tested in our Tech Centres with our technical partners. The ARTENGO ABSORB grip has been designed to meet the needs of all squash players. During the validation stage, the Artengo Absorb grip was compared to the best grips currently available on the market, both in the lab and on the court.

Stockage Tips
Avoid subjecting your racket to major temperature fluctuations. Avoid storing in low temperatures (below 5°C).


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Used for 2 to 8 weeks
HaH this grip on my racket for about 10 hours court time. I put it on over the original grip as I wanted something a little bigger but it's made it too big for my hand, so make sure you remove your existing grip first and build up with an over grip underneath if you want something slightly bigger than a normal grip as it's almost just the wrong thickness for me.

The grip itself is very good, easy to put on and is neat and tidy and the tackiness is holding up. I'm comparing this to the original grip on the Artengo 990 which lasted 4 months before losing its qualities, so still a way to go but looking ok for now.
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