Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) 85 cm Hoop - Turquoise




Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) 85 cm Hoop - Turquoise
Made for rhythmic gymnastics training and competitions.
This rhythmic gymnastics hoop meets the specific needs of this sport: ease of handling, flexibility & durability


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Ease of handlingWeighs between 300 and 315 g. Complies with official standards.
DurabilityThe high-density plastic makes it durable
Warranty2 Years
Technical Informations

How to choose your rhythmic gymnastics equipment
Rhythmic gymnastics uses 5 pieces of equipment: ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope. We offer two ranges for each type of equipment. The beginner range offers smaller, lighter equipment that is easier to learn on. This range is ideal for young gymnasts. The intermediate range features slightly larger and heavier equipment that complies with official standards. It is suitable for gymnasts starting at age 12.
How to choose a rhythmic gymnastics outfit
Our design team's tip: the perfect training kit for gymnasts is a sleeveless leotard or top, and shorts or leggings so that they can move freely and with confidence. Leotards are optional for training but compulsory for competitions.
How to care for your hoop
We recommend using your hoop on a surface such as a gymnastics mat or multisports floor because hard surfaces such as wood and concrete will damage it. Wash the hoop with a bit of washing up liquid, water, and a soft sponge. Rinse well and rub gently. Dry with a microfibre cloth to avoid abrasion.

Available in50, 65, 75, and 85 cm.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main part : 100.0% Polyethylene High Density (HDPE)

Test Product
This hoop has been tested and approved by club gymnasts.

Stockage Tips
To keep its colour and its round shape, we recommend storing the hoop indoors, away from sunlight.


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Great for a beginner
Great! Seems well made and perfect size for me - adult, 168cm tall. Great workout and lots of fun with my kids. The staff at Crawley shop were super friendly and helpful.
Rhythmic gymnastic hoop
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It never arrived!!
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