100 SOFT Massage roller/Foam roller



Made for self-massaging after sports. Allows deep massaging of muscles using the body weight.
Need to relax your muscles after sport? Back, thighs, calves... This smooth roller is perfect for newcomers to self-massaging.
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VersatilityFor several areas. Perfect for back, thighs and calves massages.
Ease of useAllows self-massages.For use on the floor
Anatomic designSmooth foam of medium hardness, for deep and more comfortable massages.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Informations

How to use the foam roller
Designed to be used after sport, it allows you to massage yourself. You can self-massage right after your outing, in the evening or even the following day. Why not watch our videos, and see exactly how to use this product according to the muscle zone you're massaging. For more intense massages, or for those used to athletic massages, check out the 500 HARD Massage Roller (hard, structural foam), also in this range.
What are the use precautions?
For adults only. It often happens that the first few times you use a massage rollers, you may feel pain, or bruises may appear. If the pain is intense and lasts a long time, consult your doctor. As to the bruising, it's only due to small blood vessels on the surface: don't worry, this phenomenon will stop as you carry on using the roller.
What are the roller's dimensions?
Diameter: 126 mm Length: 330 mm
How can I optimise recovery?
For optimal recovery after sports, do not hesitate to use a recovery drink, protein bars, a massage ball (ideal to relax trigger points), compression or electrostimulation in addition to your massage roller
Information / Concept / Technology
Foam : 100.0% Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)


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I get popping in my back when I use this and feel so much better after. Wonderful.
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