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Designer for beginners wanting to get into squash and improve. Its high bounce will help you maintain a rally and enjoy the pleasures of squash.
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BounceBall with high bounce Even bounce over time
SpeedFast ball designed for beginner players
Warranty2 Years

Diameter40 mm

Bounce (23°C)43 cm (dropped from 254 cm)

Bounce (45°C)94 cm (dropped from 254 cm)
Information / Concept / Technology
Ball : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic

Test Product
Our product has been tested in our Tech Centers with our technical partners. The ARTENGO SB190 ball was designed for the most demanding squash players. The ARTENGO SB190 ball was compared to the best products on the market during testing.

Stockage Tips
Avoid subjecting your racket to major temperature fluctuations. Avoid storing in low temperatures (below 5°C).


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Perfect for juniors and beginner squash players
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I have used this ball with my juniors and so far really like the ball. I partially like the range the decathlon provides for all ranges of ability.
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