art jam

 1. Introduction

Decathlon Art Jam is an art and design competition that encourages aspiring, young artists to combine the best of arts and sports. It is an invitation for the community to present their creativity and passion for sports in the form of graffiti, murals or art installations at the site of Decathlon’s new store! Leave your mark on this future community hub!

Be inspired by your favourite sports and showcase your talent to the world. Draw, design, paint, tag and install your way to amazing cash prizes!

2. Participants

  1. The Decathlon Art Jam 2019 (“Art Jam”) is open to artists of all nationalities, aged 18 years and above.
  2. Participants may enter the Art Jam solo or form a team of up to five (5) members.
  3. Both professional and amateur artists are welcomed to join.   

3. Specification of artwork

  1. The theme of the artwork is “Reppin’ Your Sport”.
  2. The artwork must incorporate the following hashtags: #reppinyoursport, #decathlon.
  3. Any form of art is welcomed but the use of spray paint or art installation is encouraged.
  4. There will be a total of six (6) sites:
    1. Four (4) wall columns - size: (W - 0.61m, B - 0.61m, H - 2.55m)
    2. Two (2) walls with sloping gradients
      • Wall A - size: L - 19m, H - 1.5m
      • Wall B - size: L - 20m, H - 0.4m
  5. The artwork must be an original work that was conceptualised and executed by the participant. Artworks which are copies of existing works will be automatically disqualified even if they are rendered in a different style, medium or color scheme.
  6. Artworks that are obscene, offensive or contain profanity, references to sensitive or political issues will be rejected outright.

4. Materials

A maximum of Ringgit Malaysia Three Thousand (RM3,000.00) will be sponsored for materials to be used for the Art Jam. Participants may bring their own tools.

5. Phases

The Decathlon Art Jam 2019 will comprise of three (3) phases:

Registration Phase

  1. Participants must submit the registration form alongside the required documents by 6.00pm of 15th of October.
  2. The application must include:
    1. Completed registration form;
    2. The proposed artwork in high-resolution digital format (JPEG, PNG, PDF);
    3. A statement providing the story behind the artwork and how it demonstrates the theme;
    4. A list of the materials required.
    1. Applications submitted after 6.00pm of 15th of October will not be considered.
    2. Participants may submit as many applications and designs for as many sites as they wish.
    3. Participants may register here.

    Selection Phase

    1. A total of six (6) artworks will be selected and announced by 6 pm, 18th October of 2019.
    2. Originality, style, artistic expression, interpretation of theme and suitability of artwork to the site will be taken into account when selecting the winners.
    3. Decathlon’s decision as to the selected artworks is final and binding.
    4. Winners will be announced on Decathlon Malaysia’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) and will be contacted via the e-mail provided on the registration form.

    Implementation phase

    1. Implementation of the artwork on the site shall take place from 19th - 28th October 2019.
    2. Participants need not be present every day so long as the artworks are implemented within the dates above mentioned.
    3. Decathlon reserves the right to suggest changes to the artwork.
    4. Minor changes and variations from the submitted artwork will be allowed. However, a reasonable resemblance to the submitted artwork must be present.

    6. Site

    • Four (4) wall columns - size: (W - 0.61m, B - 0.61m, H - 2.55m)


    • Two (2) walls with sloping gradients

    Wall A - size: L - 19m, H - 1.5m

    Wall B - size: L - 20m, H - 0.4m

    7. Contact

    For any enquiries, please e-mail and we will be in touch.


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