• 2 Hours Promise*
    Your order will be ready within 2 hours
  • Contactless Pick-up
    No need to get off your car
  • Reserve your size
    Reserve your size before coming to the store
  • No Queue
    No more Waiting in queues

*Terms & Conditions

  1. The 2 hour promise is valid for orders received between 10:00AM to 7:00PM on all store working days.
  2. Please expect a delay in case the store is out of stock for any of the items in the order. Estimated time for preparation of your order is given for each store during the checkout (while selecting the store for collection).

How To


Park your car at the dedicated Drive-in (Contactless pick-up) space at the store and call the store team to inform your arrival.

Stay in the car while our teams bring the parcel to you. Open the trunk or the back door for them and they will load the parcel inside your car.

Once everything have settled, you can leave through the indicated exit.

We'll be right by your side.. Safe and sound.

In order to guarantee the safety of each and everyone of our employees, all of our staff members apply barrier measures:

Social distancing (1 meter minimum)

Use of masks

Use of gloves

Use of hand sanitizer

Hand wash every 30 minutes

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