Decathlon started with a store in Lille, France in 1976, founded by Michel Leclercq. It started to expand abroad a decade later, to Germany in 1986, Spain in 1992, Italy in 1998, Portugal, The United Kingdom in 1999, China in 2003, India in 2009, Southeast Asia in 2012, Malaysia in 2016, South Africa, Philippines in 2017 and Australia in 2018. Today, there are more than 1100 stores in 38 countries The company employs more than 78,000 staff from 80 different nationalities.

The retailer stocks a wide range of sporting goods, from tennis rackets to advanced scuba diving equipment, usually in large superstores which are sized at an average of 4,000m. Decathlon Group also owns over 20 brands, with research and development facilities all over France to develop the latest innovative designs, registering up to 40 patents per year. Each brand represents a different sport or group of sports, with dedicated product development and design team.


The First Decathlon Store in Malaysia opened its door on the 26th May 2016, Expand in bigger store and more product range on 26th March 2017. Now Decathlon Sri Damansara, Malaysia is the biggest store in South-East Asia!

The country's first store opened in Kuala Lumpur's Northwest Suburbs, Boasting in a surface area of more than 4000m, on the road to main cities on North Malaysia. It sells Decathlon products to Malaysia Sport's Enthusiasts, including hiking, running, cycling, badminton, football, watersports and skate lover. In preparation, local teams worked with French, Singaporean and Chinese team, to give Malaysians the opportunity to explore the world of Decathlon also launched an E-Commerce website for Malaysia: www.decathlon.my


All over the world, we share a strong and unique company culture, reinforced by our two values: Vitality and Responsibility.


Vitality is Life, intense activity, energy, drive, and vigor. Our employees are full of vitality as they have, first and foremost, a positive mindset and are bursting with energy. They are enthusiastic, they love creating and innovating and relentlessly strive to improve and make things around them change.

Being responsible is about making decisions and making sure they are acted upon. Our employees are fully responsible for their decisions, both in terms of their team and their customers. Responsibility is also about anticipating the challenges facing society and orienting our actions towards sustainable development. And it is also our responsibility to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees all over the world.


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