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R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
  • R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red
R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red


R500 Size 4 Rugby Ball - Blue/Red

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Our team designed this rugby ball for use in training and matches (3-4 times/week), in collaboration with our technical partners from the TOP14 rugby league.

This ball is made with two different grains to provide enhanced grip. It has a very stable flight thanks to a counter-balanced bladder. Perfect for passing and kicking.



The high-quality rubber is reinforced to improve your grip on the ball.

Directional control

The ball's construction ensures predictable ball flight for kicking.

ball touch

Neoprene layers underneath the panels provide enhanced touch and feel.


Hand-stitched seams ensure this ball holds up to regular use.


Ball seams: technical characteristics

Not all of our balls are made in the same way. A ball's panels can be machine stitched or hand stitched.

The entire 100 range is machine stitched. This helps make it possible to provide you with a ball that is excellent value-for-money.

The balls in our 300, 500 and 900 ranges are hand-stitched. This ensures better resistance to wear, better shape retention, and improved performance (grip and especially trajectory).

The perfect ball for regular passing and catching regularly.

This ball is ideal for regular and even frequent use in training and matches. It is made with two different grains, providing it with excellent grip, particularly for long passes, even when playing in bad weather conditions. Ball touch and feel is enhanced by three lamination layers plus a layer of neoprene. You'll enjoy better ball handling as well as increased dexterity during play.

A ball designed for matches and kicking.

Do you play matches every week? In that case, we recommend a heavier and more balanced ball for greater accuracy. In this ball we positioned the valve on the seam to improve its trajectory in flight. The bladder is "counter-balanced" by added weight on the side opposite the valve. This helps give the ball better balance and improves its flight trajectory, especially when kicked.

World Rugby standards

All of our balls comply with World Rugby regulations for match use.

For sizes 4 and 5, the ball must be oval-shaped and made up of four panels.

It weighs 420 g in size 4, and 450 g in size 5.

We recommend inflating it to 0.7 bar.

Choose the right size rugby ball.

There are different sizes of ball available.
For younger children (aged 5 to 9), choose a size 3 ball: lighter and easier to handle.
For children aged 10 to 14, go for a size 4 ball.
For anyone older than 14, choose a size 5 ball.

To help you, the size is written on the ball.

A co-design approach!

Our balls are designed in partnership with our technical partners Jean-Marc Doussain and Jonathan Wisniewski, who play professionally in the TOP14.
They help us improve our balls by getting involved at every stage of the design process, and by validating them during tests that reproduce real-life playing conditions.